Crystal Oscillators


Simple Package Crystal Oscillator (SPXO) is an oscillator that utilizes the frequency stability of crystal without temperature compensation or temperature control. The lineup of 32.768kHz SPXOs is designed and manufactured to built-in a tuning fork-shaped crystal oscillator and oscillation circuit in the same package and provide stable signal output.


We design and manufacture SPXOs that built-in an AT-cut crystal oscillator and an oscillator circuit in the same package to provide stable signal output. We offer a lineup of MHz SPXOs in various sizes, frequencies, OE/ST functions, and wide temperature ranges to meet any applications.

Programmable SPXO

Programmable SPXO is a crystal oscillator with a built-in PLL circuit that can be programmed to any frequency. Since the desired frequency is programmed and shipped, we can provide quick delivery and flexible support. It can be used in the same way as a general fixed-wave crystal oscillator.


TCXO is a temperature compensated crystal oscillator with a built-in temperature compensation circuit to improve frequency stability. We offer a lineup of products with a wide temperature range and compact size suitable for GPS applications in automotive and wearable products.

SAW Oscillator

SAW oscillator is a crystal oscillator that built-in a SAW resonator piece and an IC with a built-in crystal oscillation circuit in the same package. SAW oscillators have low phase jitter characteristics and can keep current consumption low. Therefore it is suitable for applications that require a low bit error rate and low current consumption.


VCXO is a crystal oscillator with the function of controlling the oscillation frequency by the applied voltage. We have a lineup of unique VCXOs with features such as high frequency oscillation by fundamental wave, programmable frequency setting, low phase noise, and low gravity sensitivity.